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    Will tey fit?

    Not an expert but I think the offset is gonna be too much. They will tuck in too much. The back I'm pretty sure will, as vette rally's are 4" and they are close to the frame.
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    5 speed options

    True. Maybe when I win the lottery and build a twin turbo 6.0, I'll have to give them a call....:)
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    5 speed options

    yikes, don't even have that much into my car....TKO600 will be fine.
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    5 speed options

    Don't need anything like that, but wonder what the price tag is...
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    5 speed options

    I have time, car doesn't get driven much right now. Just started new job, but doesn't pay crap, so gonna take some time to save up for it. Maybe when tax time gets here, and get enough back I can get one. I think I can get one for about $2k, maybe less.
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    5 speed options

    Hmm figures. Looks like it's 4-speed for a while....
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    5 speed options

    Got the car back together and driving, now with 3.42s, before 3.08s. Right now it's fine, but eventually I'd like to be able to take the car on the highway and not be screaming Rs. I wanted to go with the TKO600, but right now $2k is out of the question. Heard from different people that a T-5...
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    New engine for a 1982 Malibu

    I've had many engines over the years, and can only think of 1 being a 4 bolt. One in my car now is only a 2 bolt. You will be fine with it...
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    New engine for a 1982 Malibu

    Long as you don't do forced induction or set a new world record for highest RPMs a 2 bolt will be fine.
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    weld wheel ?

    Measuring inside to inside of the bead?
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    Bad Rust-should I try to fix this or not? Suggestions?

    I went to Corry Station for school when I first joined the Squid force in 1994. I had two 'bu's down there, a 78 and a 79. The 78 wasn't too bad, I think sprayed bombed paint over nice paint made it look worse. I traded for a POS M/C, then the guy junked the car. That car had the factory "sky...
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    Need help in removing pin in 10 bolt

    Keep tapping it. I just got done putting the rear back together in my car, not 2 hours ago. I had a hard time getting it to go back in. I won't go thru all the way as it will hit the inside, but enough to where you can grab it with some pliers....
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    I am thinking about doing 4.11's

    With an OD probly be OK, but in a 3 speed, it sucks *ss. My old Malibu had a 468, m/v 400 and a 9" with 4.11s, great around town, but get passed by gramma on the highway...In less your racing or going with an OD, I wouldn't recommend it...
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    headers with a 4 speed

    My car is a factory stick. PO said he put a 1/4" spacer between the block and clamshell mount to lift the driver side up enough to clear the Z-bar. He had Hookers on it, not sure what ones. Been a year since it had a small block, but it was close, but didn't hit either....
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    Code 29 Dark Blue Poly anyone??

    I really like the color, just doesn't look the same under the trunklid or door jams. There is looks just like a regular blue...They can mix up a small batch of each, so figure which one looks good and go from there. Getting cooler now, so can't paint anyways....