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    LS Carb swap COMPLETED

    i used transadapt 1' setbacks that bolt to stock ears.It placed my transmission in it's stock location
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    LS Carb swap COMPLETED

    After hurting another SBC gen 1 engine last year I decided to go for the LS swap. I wish I did this a long time ago. MSD 6010 box and Vic Jr Intake $650.00 Muscle car oil pan, 1" setback mounts and transmission adapter $400 1995 S10 ls swap headers $330 1999 Jimmy Alternator $50.00 Serpentine belt...
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    Which Headers will work with 1" setback motor mounts

    Presently putting in my LS engine have everything except headers. I'm been on so many different sites looking for which headers fit right. Anyone that hasn't had to massage there's to much please leave info. Thanks in advance
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    Any complete full kits thats fit for sure

    I am going with a 6.0L swap in June. Just checking if anyone has posted a hassle free kit on hear or any other site
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    Slight vibration at high speeds

    Thank you for the possitive info, took out the Lakewoods(for now) and put the stock LCA's back in and NO MORE VIBRATION \:D/
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    What did U do to your G-body today??

    installed my new 3" cromoly driveshaft. Costly but worth it.
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    Slight vibration at high speeds

    Last year I put in a Grand National rear end , and a set of Lakewood lift bars, and had to have my drive shaft shortened, vibrated so mch that my drive shaft broke. Though it was just that drive shaft not being balanced, just bought a 3 " cromoly from Bear's Performance last week. Still has a...
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    Vibration problems...

    i'm having the same problems after lakewood lift bars were installed, but vibrates around 90mph
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    Going to replace my drive shaft and just wondering what the best u joint is ? I have a 8.5 rear if that matters Thanks in advance
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    engine backfire.

    you have a fouled plug, my car just did the same thing
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    UCA bushing installation HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i got my buddy's ball joint press so i'll try that first if it's a pain then i'll try ready rod
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    UCA bushing installation HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what's the easiest way to install the UCA housing bushings if you dont have a press
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    8.5 GN rear

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    8.5 GN rear

    Just wondering exactly how much i have to shorten my drive shaft running a 350 th thanks