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    15-10 rear wheels

    if the ford 9'" rearend you are using is stock width for a g-body then you will need 15 x 10 wheels with 5.5" back spacing if you want to "tuck in" a big tire. I'm using a MT ET Drag 29.5 x 10.5 with that wheel combo. It also requires a full frame notch. You could use a shorter tire that will...
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    x member quest

    the turbo 350 and the powerglide will share a cross member. The 200R4 has the mount farther back but still the same driveshaft length. The 200R4 and the turbo 400 can use the same crossmember. If you look on the G-force website, part # RCG-400K fits both of those transmissions. You may need to...
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    What did U do to your G-body today??

    i bought a glasstek fiberglass front bumper with built-on lower spoiler. I've always wanted one but the freight was brutal. I had a friend driving to a green bay football game so he picked it up for me at Naperville (near Chicago) !!! free freight !!
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    drag race tips

    I'm just breaking new territory with my malibu this past weekend. This winter i stepped up my motor and now i have a new problem. This past Saturday the car did a huge wheelstand that scared me and damaged a few parts on the landing. I need to know what to do to prevent that happening again. The...
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    Canadian with 82 Cutlass.

    sounds cool, where are you from in Canada ?
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    80 Malibu

    sounds cool, consider doing a build thread on maliburacing. We are trying to keep this place alive.
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    factory 8.5 30 spline posi?

    Auburn has a cheaper one and a better one. Not sure what differences there are besides price.
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    seems like a waste to me and i've done it before. I put an 8.5 in out of a 77 cutlass many years ago. Simply chopped off the lower mounts and installed the stock 7.5 lower mounts on with a welder and a tape measure. Its a little wider but that can be corrected with the wheel offset as has been...
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    6 point cage pricing

    another thing to consider is if you want to do any restoration work on your frame or install new body bushings. Do these things BEFORE a roll bar install. Afterwards there is NO getting the body off the frame. Brian
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    6 point cage pricing

    different companies roll cage kits differ in the style of halo bar they use. The CE kits use a bar that comes all the way from the main hoop, along the top of the door opening then down the front of the door to the floor. Then a short bar across at your forehead. This forehead bar needs to be...
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    6 point cage pricing

    in a malibu you must cut a hole through the floor and weld all your down bars directly to the frame. Then fill in the holes with sheet metal when you are done. Its about twice as much work as a mustang. I've personally built three 6 point roll bars and one 10 point. Its an art that improves with...
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    6 point cage pricing

    I'd go right to a 10 point. Yes that price sounds high but i've always done it myself so i don't know what others charge.
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    Stopped by to say hi, place is looking a little empty.

    Hey Tom, good for you on taking steps for your health. You'll be around longer ! I kinda miss this site to but i guess it couldn't last forever. Brian
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    Best bang for the buck front suspension?

    i have the ultra cheap speedway upper front a-arms. They are junk. I welded a reinforcement bar across them to keep them from bending which works good but they require alot of shims to get the alignment right. DO NOT BUY THEM. I have the Spohn lowers. They seem to work good. I just ordered a set...
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    GEN V 454 Swap ?

    sounds like a fun project. Good luck with it and have fun.