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    700r4 vs t-350 dipstick

    Going back to a 350 from the 700r4 and since the dipstick hole is the same size i'd like to use my nice locking stick. Just wondering if anybody knew about the fluid level marks. Hate to spend $50 or more if I could adapt this one to work.
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    Regular or high travel coilover springs

    Picked up a set of QA1 r series coilovers which came with 450# springs. I need 350#, my car weighs 1765 in front. Would you go with the regular or the high travel springs?
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    Separating pitman arm from center link

    Bought a manual box from a member here that has the correct pitman arm already installed. Doing the jeep shaft conversion at the same time. Best way to separate these w/o tearing things up too bad? Just replaced all front suspension components 2 seasons ago. If I use a fork and a BFH it looks...
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    Installing BMR lower control arm brackets tomorrow

    Instructions look pretty straightforward, any tips or tricks from anybody? Car is lowered and with my 27-10.5-15 E.T. Streets the arm is slightly uphill from front to rear. Haven't been able to hook up my camino with the new 406. Tires are brand new, hoping these will tip the scales in my favor.
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    Sending a converter for restall

    What's the best way to drain and package a conv. to send out for restall. Going to send it to Hughes.
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    Disconnecting neg. at battery

    I've always read that you are supposed to disconnect the negative battery cable when working on electrical stuff. Does it really matter? It's more convenient for me to unhook the pos. side. Just wondering.
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    Turbo 350 won't shift out of 1st

    Two years ago I replaced the trans in my 79' chevy plow truck. Bought it from a guy in Spokane, his only business is rebuilding 350 transmissions for many years. It has always worked excellent, very little use due to mild winters lately. After sitting for 3 or 4 months this summer I started off...
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    Revmax torque converters

    Anybody here using their converters? There are a lot of threads on LS1 tech about them, mostly positive. I have a Hughes pro street 3000 stall behind my 700r4 but need more stall. It will only go to about 2200 for me. Does anybody have any experience with them?