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  1. red barn

    Poly trans mount vs solid mount

    I have always ran a poly trans mount in my cars. My fathers new car has a solid trans mount. My initial thought was to add a poly mount because of chassis flex. The car is going to be a high 12 second car, has a 8 point roll bar with a superstock style backhalf and ladder bars. I am wondering...
  2. red barn

    Cheapie comp three way shocks

    Planning off season upgrades. At what point should the comp 3 ways be tossed in favor of a better adjustable shock (Afco, Strange, QA1)?
  3. red barn

    MSD 6AL......HP and ET limits

    My 6AL has never given me an ounce of grief, but at what point if any is it wise to step up to a digital 6 or a 7 series. My car is an NA footbreak car with locked timing, so I don't need timing retards or two steps or any features like that. Just a good solid ignition.
  4. red barn

    A-body 12 bolt, sphericals, and UCA's

    If I put spherical bearings in my upper housing ears on an A-body 12 bolt, do I still need to run the swap upper control arms or can I just run a regular G body upper and let the Spherical handle the mis-alingment?
  5. red barn

    Mopar 8-3/4 rear

    I am surprised that I haven't seen more of these rears under a g-body. I would think that you could use the Speedway 9" bracket kits and put one of these rears in relatively cheap. Any one done one?