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  1. slpfeife9651

    Installing engine with HF engine hoist and transmission still in. Help!

    I have been stuck for quite some time now with trying to install my engine. I pulled the old 305 by myself after disconnecting the transmission. I was able to put the engine hoist at an angle by the driver's side fender and slowly lift it out while pushing on the engine to make sure it didn't hit...
  2. slpfeife9651

    Rear window Rattling?

    I've had a rumbling or rattling noise coming from the rear of my car for a little while. I've since then fixed exhaust, gas tank, bumper, frame rail, and shock problems. I still have the noise and I think it is coming from the back window. Someone thought it might be the aluminum trim so I used...
  3. slpfeife9651

    Brake Caliper Bolt size?

    Am I right that the head size on the brake caliper bolts for my 1979 malibu are 9mm? I tried all my alan wrenches and none worked. Borrowed a 9mm socket head from a guy at work and it seams top fit, but I want to be sure before I try. Anyone else know of this? Thanks! -Spencer
  4. slpfeife9651

    Swapping a 305 for a 350

    I'm probably in over my head here, but I bought a 350 bored out .030 over with a mild cam and decent heads, and now I want to swap it out for the stock 305 in my 1979 malibu. I am under the impression that this should be an easy enough swap, but I've never actually pulled a motor or put one in...
  5. slpfeife9651

    how much rear differential fluid?

    I can't get the fill plug out so I'm gonna fill the top seal pan hole. Does anyone know about how much fluid I need to put in? 1979 malibu stock 2 door. Thanks -Spencer
  6. slpfeife9651

    Pinion Nut size

    I have to replace my yoke and that requires taking of the nut on the pinion bolt and my impact sockets aren't big enough. I need to know the size of that nut so I can buy one. I have a 1979 chevy malibu 2 door stock drivetrain, and the nut is big. Bigger than 1" socket or 22mm. So any help...
  7. slpfeife9651

    Regal hood on a malibu?

    I just found a 2" cowl hood on craigslist and the guy says it was on his 85 regal. Any chance that would fit my 79 malibu? Thanks :mrgreen: