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  1. red barn

    How to check and fill oil in a 7.5 differential?

    on a stock rear I was always told to stick your pink in through the fill hole. It should just be able to touch oil. Not sure if that is good advice...but it is what I was told many years ago
  2. red barn

    Installing engine with HF engine hoist and transmission still in. Help!

    glad you got it in! one hurdle down and you can move on to the next step
  3. red barn

    Installing engine with HF engine hoist and transmission still in. Help!

    those orange HF Hoists are too short to come in from the front. my solution was to extend the feet, make a longer arm, get a stronger cylinder, and reinforce the upper frame. Works great now, but it would have been easier to just buy a better hoist from the get go. If you have a suncoast...
  4. red barn

    Summit 3-way shocks

    The summit and comp engineering shocks are made by the same company and from what I can tell they are same
  5. red barn

    Front drag race springs?

    I have always used the moog V6. 5596 is the moog number
  6. red barn

    bbc aluminum heads dilema

    I leave the engine building to my friend, because that is what he does for a living...however I try to pay attention to what he says and learn what I can. Doing the assembly work on my first "self built" motor with him looking over my shoulder in the next couple of weeks. Based on the 3 big...
  7. red barn

    Carb choice???? (Street driven)

    I like the 1850 holley. 600 cfm and it is calibrated for a mild 350 right out of the box. Had one on my chevelle for years and only swapped jets. My father runs one on his 12.50 bracket car and we only changed jets/ squirters. Low cost and simple
  8. red barn

    Which one would you pick?

    I like the drop spindle because it allows you to run a taller/ lighter spring with more stored energy. Great theory on a drag car.....but I don't know what that does for a car trying to turn. Based off of the couple of G bodies have have lowered, I would think that at 3" of spring drop, you...
  9. red barn

    Wagon guys... Springs?

    150 seems like a decent place to start... The two door guys are using the 120 and 140# springs in their stock suspension cars. Wagon will be a little heavier in back (especially with a full interior) so 150 sounds reasonable to me
  10. red barn

    drop spindals on a 78 bu

    I know you will have to change rotors and inner/ outer bearings to 79 up style. Good news is those are cheaper than the 78 only deals I don't remember if the calipers can be reused or not
  11. red barn

    Which intake: Performer or Torker II ?

    Of the two, I would go with the performer. The upper rpm loss of the performer will be more tolerable than the low end disfunction of the torker If it is mostly a street car, I would stick with a cheap and simple 600 vacuum secondary holley. They are like $250 new out of summit and calibrated...
  12. red barn

    Car audio wholesale...
  13. red barn

    SSM vs TRZ

    Are the SSM's in the stock location or are you using them as lift bars? If they are in the stock location, then unless you have an alignment issue or bind in the SSM's I wouldn't think you wouldn't see a difference between them and the TRZ's. If they are being used as lift bars, it will...
  14. red barn

    need pics of ssm bars installed!

    Yup. Piece of roll bar tubing welded through the arm. Not proud of it, but it did work for consistent 1.51-1.52 60' and 10.50 passes. I have made some changes this winter and that set-up is no longer in the car. I found another set of SSM bars and am using a D-M products anti-roll (although I...
  15. red barn

    m/t et steet (not radial)

    I run my quick time pros at 13.5. I would like to try a little more pressure as I get my rear suspension sorted out. 12.5 seems like the car would be a handful on the top end
  16. red barn

    found some cheap slicks but can i fit them?

    If they are M/T slicks you should be fine. They really measure closer to 29". My wagon had them in its previous life. It certainly did sit high, but it worked. I went the frame notch route with a 28 x 10, but here is a shot of the car from the previous owner when it had stock wheel wells and the...
  17. red barn

    Tire softener??

    That will help. Another trick to do in conjunction with that is small holes in the tread. Kinda of like snow tires have all of the little cuts. The tread can stick and move a little with the track.
  18. red barn

    Jegs converters

    Not sure who makes them.....but the B&M Holeshot 3600 is the same price and the Hughes street/ strip is only $27 more. For $27, I would call [email protected] That way you have a direct contact if you have question/ concerns. Not to mention you would be supporting a sponsor The other option....if...
  19. red barn

    any mods needed for275/60/15 on15x8wheel with31/2 backspace

    Re: any mods needed for275/60/15 on15x8wheel with31/2 backsp Yup. It will fit on a bu, but you have to trim the fender lip and you can't really lower it