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    New to Nitrous

    Hello! This is my second time on this forum and the first time, y'all helped me fix a pesky oil leak on my buddies and my 1980 malibu street car. For context, we're two 19 year olds who love cars and rebuilt his blown (cracked piston) small block into a respectable 383 stroker sbc in his dads...
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    Backfiring on decel

    Hey guys. Second time here. My friend and I just switched his 1980 malibu drag car to open headers. Ignoring the obvious which is that the carb should be rejetted, I’ve got a few questions. First of all, how many steps in jet sizes should we start at? Also, after doing a 6k pull, the backfires...
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    Killer Oil Leak

    Hey guys, this is my first time on this forum. My friend and I (both 18) rebuilt a 383 stoker sbc for his 1980 malibu coupe last year. The engine runs like a top besides one killer issue. We have a a constant oil leak from the front main seal that we absolutely cannot figure out. We’ve change...