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    frame notch questions

    i got another 85 ss & i want to do a frame notch. if i just cut the frame over to the factory rear wheel wells, how wide can i go? i want to run a 10"x15" wheel & i'm thinking of a 295/60 for a tire. can anyone tell me what they have done & what their wheel & tire combo is? pictures would be a...
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    frame notch questions

    i've been gone for a while, i sold my 406 car, my wifes monte that i was going to build to replace the 406 car got stolen, so i had to buy another one. i bought another 85 ss & i built a new 383 stroker & a th400 for it & now i'm thinking of a frame notch & maybe a mini tub. i want to run a 15"...
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    foxbody 8.8 rear end swap questions.

    it's been a while sense i've been on here. i sold my 406 car & the wife's ss got stolen. i bought another 85 ss & i'm building a nice 383 sbc & 400 turbo & i need a rear end. i'm thinking of going with an explorer rear & doing the two short side axles, but then there is the fox body that will...
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    gm steel crank or scat 9000?

    i found a forged steel 350 sbc crank that is std/std for $125.00. would this be a better crank than a scat 9000 series crank, or would the scat be better? rpm should be no more than 6,500 & i'm using probe pistons & scat 5.7 i beam rods.
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    th400 long shaft in a g body

    i bought a th400 for $100 bucks, problem is it has a long tail shaft. will this hurt anything? would it be worth it to turn it into a short shaft? i can do it myself, all i need is the parts. is there any real need though?
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    85 monte carlo ss rear end suggestions

    i have an 85 ss monte carlo & i'm building around a 400 horse 357. the car has a 7.5 3.73 gear, open carrier rear end in it from the factory. would one of those powertrax lockers be ok for it & it live, or should i get one for a 4.625 (7 5/8" if it will even fit in the 7.5 carrier) & get a set...
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    speedometer question

    my wife's 1985 ss monte carlo's speedometer is screwed dead up. it reads 5-10 mph slow while it's below 35-40 mph, but after that it starts bouncing around badly. i pulled the cable out of the speedometer housing & it looked good, so i'm thinking it's the speedometer or the speedometer gear in...
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    my brake suck, i really need help

    i'm working on my wife's 85 monte carlo that has a bone stock 305 in it. every thing is stock. about two years ago i change front rotors & pads & it just didn't seem right. well i lived with it, but about a month or so ago i change front pads & rear shoes. the back brakes started locking up a...
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    weird wiper problems, i need some friggen help.

    I'm working on a 85 SS Monte Carlo. the wipers are doing some weird stuff. what it's doing is after the wipers are turned on they don't stop when they are turned off. they just keep going on & on until the power is interrupted (like unplugging the switch on the column, or turning the ignition...