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    Rear seat with Mini Tubs? Does it fit?

    All those who have done a mini tub job in their well did your oem seat fit after the tubs were done? I added a 1" strip into the factory wheel house and now the back rest section sits out and leaves a large air gap between it and the base section of the seat. Before I cut some...
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    Bench seat adjuster cable is loose.....ideas?

    Just bought a replacement G-body adjuster cable off ebay for the 50/50 bench seat in my Malibu. It is so loose the passenger side runner won't unlatch when the adjuster handle is pulled. Anybody have a pic of how the cable is routed from factory? There doesn't appear to be anything on my seat...
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    Door Glass - where do I find good used or new replacements?

    Looking for a replacement door glass for the driver side on a 2dr 78-81 Malibu....just did a quick google and didn't find any suppliers - anybody got some ideas for me?
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    Which adjustable centerlink?

    BMR tubular top arms, fresh OEM bottom arms, Belltech drop spindes, QA1 adjustables with beehive coilover coils in a BBC/Alum heads 81 Malibu. I haven't checked bump steer angles yet, but figure I'm in for some anyway. So there's a bunch of adjustable centerlinks out there and also the F-Body...
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    Carbon Fiber doors - anybody making them yet?

    Carbon Fiber doors for the 78-81 Malibu - anybody making them yet?
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    Has anybody used Acme seat covers instead of PUI.....? Let me know.....good or bad?
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    True Tech Control Arms?

    Has anybody ever heard of a company called True Tech Machine? They make (or made) control arms for the G-body platform? Any info would be appreciated.....
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    Will a Monte Carlo hood fit a Malibu?

    Pretty much what I said in the heading....will a G Body Monte Carlo hood directly fit a G Body Malibu?
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    The pressing of a G-body Cowl Hood - youtube video

    Will looking for google opinions on the Champion Hoods I found this....made in Taiwan
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    Champion Hoods - anyone have opinions on their cowl hoods?

    Has anybody had any experiences with a company called Champion Hoods? See below, they're advertising bolt on Malibu cowl hoods for $270....
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    Changing 79 nose to an 81 model - what does it take?

    Did a quick search and didn't see anything.... I want to change a 79 Malibu nose cone to an 81 model. Is it just an unscrew of the grill, headlights and bezels or do I have to change the whole header panel as well?