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  1. _Stylez

    starting over..

    Well my last 5.7 and 4l60e transmission were lifted off my hamds for me so ive started over... this week ill have another 5.7 vortec delivered and then a TH350 trans... im thinking of getting a manifold to run carburated until I can get everything needed to go F/I... my question is where can I...
  2. _Stylez

    Do I need this?

    I recently put a 87 MC carb on my 79 305, its what I could find, the carb doesn't have the choke clean air or hot air pipe connections.... the car starts and runs but then cuts off.... do I need these for the car to run right?
  3. _Stylez

    Car bogs down

    As the title says my car bogs down when in gear and floored..... ive changed the fuel filter in the carb and the fuel pump looks newer (probably changed by previous owner) and I haven't found a in-line filter so the only thing I can really think of is trash in the tank maybe? does anyone have...
  4. _Stylez

    rear passenger doors on wagons

    does anyone have a Gbody wagon with rear door windows that roll up and down or are the vent windows all? Thanks, PEACE...
  5. _Stylez

    rear end qustion(s)

    is there a factory Chevrolet rear end with discs brakes that i can swap into my Malibu wagon? the other option ive seen is a 2500.00 wilwood brake and rear end ( CURRIE 78-87 GM G-BODY REAR END & WILWOOD DRILLED DISC BRAKES,RED CALIPERS,LINES | eBay ) seems worth it tho. just wondering what...
  6. _Stylez

    Most popular LS swap? with trans?

    i was wanting to know what the most popular LS or motor swap that people are doing in their wagon is?.... ive seen a lot of LS motors from vets but the vets transmission isn't up to snuff with a heavier car like the g body.... i was thinking of getting a LS3? motor with the trans and AC equip out of...
  7. _Stylez

    79 Wagon side moulding and roof rack questions

    i was wondering if the trim on the side of my wagon comes off easily and whats done with the holes or mounting hardware that the trim sits on? id like to smooth the body out as best i can before priming and paint the car, im also thinking about getting rid of the roof rack but i kind of like it...