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    Dash cap question

    Pics sent
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    Dash cap question

    Emails good
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    Dash cap question

    Pm me your number and I'll send you pictures on your phone.
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    Dash cap question

    Bought one from opg, fit great, looked great, couldn't be happier, can't even tell there's a cap on the dash
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    What did U do to your G-body today??

    Boy I'll say.looks good. What size tires and rims
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    Quick question about front wheel backspacing

    Want to go with a 15x6 in the front. Does 3.5 inch backspacing sound right? Thanks
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    Rear seat covers

    Thanks for the advice guys. It looks like I will definitely need to have some custom made. I do see year one is producing rear covers for camaros and mustangs that match scat seats. It will probably be another decade before they make them for our junk. Lol
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    Rear seat covers

    Does anybody know who sells a black vinyl rear seat cover that matches a pro car 90 series 1300 bucket seat. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Maliburacing gallery (Post your car)

    that car looks freakin awesome jackstand =D>
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