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  1. 388bu

    Ordered oil pan today

    I believe thats just the truck pan which will hang way below the crossmember. Not even an option imho.
  2. 388bu

    ls1 swap

    I dont think you can go wrong with that intake at all. A little extra torque is never a bad thing! Sounds like she'll run real nice. Let us know how it turns out.
  3. 388bu

    ls1 swap

    Good stuff!
  4. 388bu

    1979 malibu cheap ls swap possible?

    What year and model is the harness from?
  5. 388bu

    1979 malibu cheap ls swap possible?

    Yeah, 1600 is a bit high. At least in my area. Wait4me charges $75 to just do the ECM re-program. $360 is if they do a harness for you as well. I have the schematics you'll need to do the harness.
  6. 388bu

    1979 malibu cheap ls swap possible?

    If you go carb then id say it is not doable for 900$. Isnt the intake and MSD box like $700 or more? If you go FI and can do the harness yourself id say its doable. $1600 is a tad high for the motor possibly. Id just do an LQ4 and save a couple hundred or more honestly.
  7. 388bu

    What exact parts needed for bigger brakes

    Heres another possibility to help (or confuse) you.
  8. 388bu

    Who's running around the street with drag radials?

    Thanks for the replies guys. Probablly gunna go with the MT 275-40-17's if I can bring myself to buy two new rims to boot.
  9. 388bu

    Who's running around the street with drag radials?

    What are your rim specs in the back? Any fender lip rolling or frame notch? Thanks
  10. 388bu

    Who's running around the street with drag radials?

    Im seriously considering grabbing a set of DR's and just keeping them on the car. Everyone and their brother is making these things now and im really not sure which is the best. Any comments or suggestions? Thanks.
  11. 388bu

    Who has B-Body spindles & 12" brakes????

    I actually never got around to buying that. The company is as doober posted. Their stuff looks real nice. Part of the reason I never bought it was that I could never get a hold of the guy to get some questions answered! That and I just spent a sh*t ton on the LS7...
  12. 388bu

    Motor Setback

    1" set back might be pushing it with an A/C box, but you should be ok honestly. You'll need to get a little creative with the coil packs on that side.
  13. 388bu

    intake tube setups

    Heres the computer: ECM Mounting by 388bu, on Flickr Believe it or not, you cant really see it there. Its hidden a bit better than what it appears to be in this photo.
  14. 388bu

    intake tube setups

    Here's my speed density setup...all the pieces were ordered from LS7 - All done 2 by 388bu, on Flickr
  15. 388bu

    F body pan OR Truck pan?...

    If I had to choose between the two, id go F pan and notch the frame. But, if you are willing to dump the F pan, get the CTS-V pan, its by far the best for our cars.
  16. 388bu

    Anyone running an L92 witn T56

    I cant comment on the VVT stuff, but the T56 side of it is simple. Any ECM should do. You'll just "turn off" the auto trans stuff. Dont worry about the reverse lockout, just muscle it into reverse, thats what I do. You get used to it quick.
  17. 388bu

    Fuel Return Line Question

    Im not saying it wont work, but its not something I would do. Id just buy some braided -6 and be done with it. Just my $.02.
  18. 388bu

    any one use the BBK SSI intake?

    I would never in a million years bolt an aluminum intake to an LSX motor unless its some crazy one-off build or something. Just seems like taking a step backward. I agree with getting an LS1 intake if you are just concerned about looks. Dont expect any more performance out of it over the truck...
  19. 388bu

    LS swap / Schoenfeld headers?

    Yeah, at least. :(
  20. 388bu

    LS swap / Schoenfeld headers?

    Im running the BRP 1-7/8" LT headers and they fit good.