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  1. ghostrider

    how big of a carb can i go on a 5,3

    hi i just out in a 5.3 in my 80 malibu the cam ia a comp cam 604-610 lift 215-223 dur @ .050 a set of 862 heads i bought fully ported and bigger intake valves , victor jr intake ,full length headers and a turbo 400 with a trans brake 3,50 gear in a 9in also have a nos kit 150-250 shot looking...
  2. ghostrider

    hood struts for a 80 malibu with a fiberglass 4 in cowl hood

    #1 hi i have a 80 malibu i just put on a 4in cowl hood fiberglass ive been trying to find the hood strut kit for it anybody has the website or any other ideas thx
  3. ghostrider

    rear s10 calipers on a ford 9in

    i have a 80 malibu with a 9in ford rear it has big ford old style flange. ive converted the front brakes with the s10 front spindle setup and the guy gave me the rear calipers from the same truck. can i get bolt on brackets and rotors to use the s10 rear calipers on my 9in and if so which...
  4. ghostrider

    15-10 rear wheels

    hi i just got a set of rims for my 80 malibu it has a ford 9in fronts are 15x4 1.75 bs and the rears are 15x10 4.5 bs im planning to notch the frame and roll the lip on the quarters trying to fit a fat tire in the back any suggestions or ideas if anyone has pics that they can share also gonna...
  5. ghostrider

    80 malibu help

    hi ive purchaced a 80 malibu roller still has the interior. It came with a ford 9in and some extra parts etc. Im putting in a 598 with nos,turbo 400 with trans brake. ive talked to a few people about bullet proofing the rear suspension without tubbing it. I live in new jersey and looked at a...
  6. ghostrider

    roll cage

    ihi i have a 80 malibu im looking for shop to install a 12 point cage im still keeping the interior and would like the front bars going behind the dash board i got quoted 3000 for a 12 point installed is this too much or a good price im located in new jersey thx
  7. ghostrider

    what is the biggest tire rim combo i could run on the back

    hi would like to know what is the biggest tire n rim combo i could run on my 80 malibu without it touching the frame n the rear quarter if i have to roll the lip on the rear quarter its k sum one told me 15x10 with a 4-1/2 backspacing others say 15x8 any sugguestings thx
  8. ghostrider

    15x10 corvette rally rims

    hi wanted to know if a 15x10 corvette rally rims fit on the back of my 80 malibu with a 275-60-15 or 295-60-15 thx