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    my Watts Link video

    just thought id share a little Video of my watts link i built in action.
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    master cylinder w/ power brakes

    Im upgrading my Malibu to 4 wheel disc brakes im using a 12.19x.81 rotor up fornt with a wilwood Dyanlite part number 120-6816 and for the rear im using a 11.75x .81 rotor with a dynalite caliper part # 120-6806 what master cylinder should i use? i want to keep my power brakes. thanks
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    My interior restoration prgress

    figured id show yall my restore of my old broken and nasty panels. here is what i started with. Almost every part in the car was sun rotted and nasty. So i decided i was gonna change every part and after pricing it all out I chose to get dirty and restore all the old panels instead of...