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  1. 388bu

    Who's running around the street with drag radials?

    Im seriously considering grabbing a set of DR's and just keeping them on the car. Everyone and their brother is making these things now and im really not sure which is the best. Any comments or suggestions? Thanks.
  2. 388bu

    VSS problems - What i've learned

    Figured id type this up quick in case someone goes down a similar path in the future. It will save you some effort! My problem: I want the ECM to get a valid VSS signal to improve driveability, but my trans only has a mechanical speedo output. Attempt #1: Order Dakota Digital SEN-01-4160 bolt...
  3. 388bu

    Found out why the new motor sounds like a vacuum cleaner...

    I just figured it was the design of my intake I pulled that completely off and it got worse. Turns out my IAC valve is stuck totally open. Doesnt work at all. I covered up the hole a bit and gave it some gas and wow it has throttle response now! Im guessing it might actually be...
  4. 388bu

    Who's using the BRP mounts?

    Just ordered some today. I am curious if they use the same bolt pattern as a stock mount? The frame side that is. Anyone know? I would think they would, but you never know. Thanks
  5. 388bu

    Driveshaft loop + X pipe...anyone?

    So is anyone running a driveshaft loop with an X pipe? Preferably a torque tech 2.5" system. I dont have the car here to look, but im sure its going to be a tight squeeze to say the least.
  6. 388bu

    Learned something real interesting about LSX strokers today

    So I went down to Schwartz Performance today to spec out my new LSX build. His shop is about 15 mins from my cool is that? Got a full tour of the shop and saw his latest toy: He's a super nice guy and...
  7. 388bu

    2003 DBW 6.0 wiring diagrams

    Thanks to Streetbu, here are the diagrams.
  8. 388bu

    Decisions, decisions...

    The 6.0 is coming out in a couple of months for sure. I just cant decide what to do with it. At a minimum, im doing heads/cam and leaning towards a set of Trick Flows. Not sure on cam yet. If I do that, ill probably just go 403 honestly. Then theres always the procharger option and the new...
  9. 388bu

    Opinions on this combo - new direction

    I called Speed Inc in Schaumburg today to get a H/C recommendation and here's what they suggested: Custom Comp grind 235 240 .621 .609 111 Patriot stage 2 LQ9 heads. Heres the #'s from a similar head with smaller valves, ill be going with the 2.055/1.60's. Actually they first...
  10. 388bu

    What would you do? - Intake swap

    I want to eventually swap out the truck intake on a budget which means I will likely be avoiding the FAST stuff. I am also not interested in aftermarket aluminum intakes either. Weiand, etc. I figured id go with an LS6 which means new injectors and fuel rail. I am almost positive my drive by...
  11. 388bu

    LSX timing cover/oil pan install procedure

    I checked out a Chiltons repair manual for Silverado's and figured id scan a few pages for my reference and anyone else that might find it useful. ~ 1MB
  12. 388bu

    Who's running F-body accessories?

    Just curious how clearance is. I wont be running A/C. Thanks.
  13. 388bu

    Anyone got the October Carcraft...

    ...and a scanner maybe? lol Theres an article in there called "Put an Old Trans Behind Your New Gen III V-8". Someone read it and give me the p/n's if they are talking manual trannies. Thanks. ;)
  14. 388bu

    388bu's LQ4 swap thread - Its alive!

    Found a motor. '04 LQ4 from a van. 48k on the clock. $1500 with everything. Coil packs, accessories, ECM, harness, DBW pedal and MAF. Looks like im picking up the motor Wednesday. I budgeted $1500 for the motor and this is exactly what I was looking for. Low mileage DBW motor. Not sure what...
  15. 388bu

    For those who have made the LSx swap so far...

    Looks like my ECM is fried on my DFI...I will most likely be making the LSx plunge soon unless they warranty this ECM. (Doubtful as its out of warranty now). I am just about done putting money into GEN I stuff. So to my point...For those that have done this swap: Would you do it all over...
  16. 388bu

    50 Fastest list - Edit button problem fixed

    For anyone having problems with the edit button not appearing, the problem has been fixed. Carry on, that is all... Oh...and would someone slower than me please post!?! Im tired of being at the bottom! lmao
  17. 388bu

    50 Fastest list is back

    So I finally got the list back up and running. Long story short: I lost all the old data. Ooops, sorry! You can click the column names to change the sorting from the default of 1/4 ET. If you have any troubles with it, shoot me a PM. It seems pretty solid so far.
  18. 388bu

    Big brakes - What are you using for a booster?

    So I am running the 12" B-body/1LE brakes up front with a b-body master cylinder, but am still using the stock single booster. I really need to upgrade the booster... I tried a dual g-body booster from eBay, but it didnt work. The master wouldnt fit in it. I guess some of the duals were...