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    Internal Tank Baffles

    So I'm modifying a stock gas tank to have an insert that will hold two Walbro 450 LPH pumps, my concern is baffling. Should I create a recess under the pumps to give them sort of a sump to keep them submersed under acceleration and braking, or would a sheet metal barrier with trap doors around...
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    Custom Upper Radiator Mount?

    I'm getting ready to put a Griffin radiator in my 87 Regal and the original V6 upper bracket is way too small. I would like to make a custom aluminum piece but wanted some input as to how you did yours. Please post pictures and share your story!!
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    Getting ready to order a 9" for my Turbo T

    Getting ready to order a 9" for my Turbo T, I plan on notching the frame and would like to use a 10" wheel. Looking for opinions as to if I should order a narrowed housing or is standard width perfect, also what back spacing to use. Looking for input, thanks.
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    8.5 vs. 9"

    So I'm building a G body and have a stock 8.5" axle. My engine combination should make about 900 hp to the tires, car should go mid 9's. I currently have a stock 87 8.5" so my question is should I build it (weld on new housing ends, 33 spline axles, new posi) or sell it and build a 9"? Car...