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  1. prairiehotrodder

    body parts

    where can i buy new lower quarter panel patches ? The piece of the rear quarter panel just between the wheel opening and the door ?
  2. prairiehotrodder

    What did U do to your G-body today??

    I installed a Allstar motorplate, TRZ rack and pinion kit, refinished my lemons headers, cut off my frame horns and managed to shave nearly 100 pounds off my car over the last couple weeks. I also built a light weight rad support this winter and put my fiberglass hood back on with a hole in it...
  3. prairiehotrodder

    Street to strip. Looking to build a mid-9 sec street car on 10.5 inch tires.

    The 9" housing is taller so the upper ears end up being higher. I use adjustable upper arms to set my pinion angle. For brakes i used the Strange H1143 weld-on housing ends to work with chevy brakes. I think my brakes came from a mid 70's car or possibly an S10. Can't remember for sure. They...
  4. prairiehotrodder

    Bbc heads

    i think 600 hp is obtainable with nearly any BBC head. However the whole combo needs to be set up well. It will not be a real tame combo. Probably a solid roller cam with fairly high compression. Also much bigger valves and high quality parts to work with that roller cam.
  5. prairiehotrodder

    Street to strip. Looking to build a mid-9 sec street car on 10.5 inch tires.

    Well a nitrous deal would easily be the way to go in my opinion if you want to drive it like you mention. Build an 11 second motor and spray it into the 9's. My car has a home built Ford 9". I have a video on youtube on how i built it.
  6. prairiehotrodder

    Street to strip. Looking to build a mid-9 sec street car on 10.5 inch tires.

    it runs on 100 octane AV gas which is cheap and easy for me to buy because i live 3 miles from a little country airport with a cardlock fuel pump. It never gets hot because it has a big aluminum rad. It has a Weiand tunnel ram with 2 holley 750 track warrior carbs. Its way to radical to daily...
  7. prairiehotrodder

    Killer Oil Leak

    maybe you are running it way to full of oil so that oil is always sloshing in the timing cover and up against the seal ? I don't know what else to tell you.
  8. prairiehotrodder

    Killer Oil Leak

    if you take the cover back off, lay a straight edge across the cam and crank gears to see if they are lined up. Maybe the crank gear is on backwards ? If it sticks out farther then the balancer will not be on all the way. Also be sure to not assemble the seal dry. I always put white grease on it...
  9. prairiehotrodder

    Killer Oil Leak

    I like the one piece felpro pan gasket and the stock replacement timing cover gasket. I do not like the high performance timing cover gasket. I have seen guys put a gob of RTV on the key way to keep oil from migrating through the key but it has never been an issue for me. If your balancer is...
  10. prairiehotrodder

    Killer Oil Leak

    you have to have the right pan gasket depending on if you have the thin or the thick front seal. Also what timing cover gasket are you using ? The felpro performance gasket is hard and thin and doesn't crush enough for use with a stock tin cover and will leak between the bolts and near the...
  11. prairiehotrodder

    Street to strip. Looking to build a mid-9 sec street car on 10.5 inch tires.

    I'm running low 9's with a 555 NA engine. Everyone will have a different way of meeting that goal. My car has 29 x 10 tires.
  12. prairiehotrodder

    15-10 rear wheels

    if the ford 9'" rearend you are using is stock width for a g-body then you will need 15 x 10 wheels with 5.5" back spacing if you want to "tuck in" a big tire. I'm using a MT ET Drag 29.5 x 10.5 with that wheel combo. It also requires a full frame notch. You could use a shorter tire that will...
  13. prairiehotrodder

    x member quest

    the turbo 350 and the powerglide will share a cross member. The 200R4 has the mount farther back but still the same driveshaft length. The 200R4 and the turbo 400 can use the same crossmember. If you look on the G-force website, part # RCG-400K fits both of those transmissions. You may need to...
  14. prairiehotrodder

    What did U do to your G-body today??

    i bought a glasstek fiberglass front bumper with built-on lower spoiler. I've always wanted one but the freight was brutal. I had a friend driving to a green bay football game so he picked it up for me at Naperville (near Chicago) !!! free freight !!
  15. prairiehotrodder

    drag race tips

    I'm just breaking new territory with my malibu this past weekend. This winter i stepped up my motor and now i have a new problem. This past Saturday the car did a huge wheelstand that scared me and damaged a few parts on the landing. I need to know what to do to prevent that happening again. The...
  16. prairiehotrodder

    Canadian with 82 Cutlass.

    sounds cool, where are you from in Canada ?
  17. prairiehotrodder

    80 Malibu

    sounds cool, consider doing a build thread on maliburacing. We are trying to keep this place alive.
  18. prairiehotrodder

    factory 8.5 30 spline posi?

    Auburn has a cheaper one and a better one. Not sure what differences there are besides price.
  19. prairiehotrodder


    seems like a waste to me and i've done it before. I put an 8.5 in out of a 77 cutlass many years ago. Simply chopped off the lower mounts and installed the stock 7.5 lower mounts on with a welder and a tape measure. Its a little wider but that can be corrected with the wheel offset as has been...
  20. prairiehotrodder

    6 point cage pricing

    another thing to consider is if you want to do any restoration work on your frame or install new body bushings. Do these things BEFORE a roll bar install. Afterwards there is NO getting the body off the frame. Brian