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  1. prairiehotrodder

    body parts

    where can i buy new lower quarter panel patches ? The piece of the rear quarter panel just between the wheel opening and the door ?
  2. prairiehotrodder

    drag race tips

    I'm just breaking new territory with my malibu this past weekend. This winter i stepped up my motor and now i have a new problem. This past Saturday the car did a huge wheelstand that scared me and damaged a few parts on the landing. I need to know what to do to prevent that happening again. The...
  3. prairiehotrodder

    ls brakes?

    What cars can i use the spindles from to upgrade the brakes on my 81 malibu? brian
  4. prairiehotrodder

    malibu traction issues

    I need to make my car hook on a small tire. I'm using a ET drag 29.5 x 9. I have edelbrock tubular lower control arms and edelbrock adjustable uppers in the back. I also have a spohn ARB. I'm using stock shocks and springs in the back. Is there anything to be gained by putting coil overs in the...
  5. prairiehotrodder

    opening day buck!

    15 minutes after i started hunting on opening day (today nov 20) I bagged this nice 5x5. Missed a giant Wild boar yesterday.
  6. prairiehotrodder

    12 bolt help

    whats the best 12 bolt to swap into a g-body? I know where there are some 68-72 A-body ones but aren't the earlier ones narrower? thanks Brian
  7. prairiehotrodder

    Double Header today!

    Got a nice black bear as i was sneaking into my tree stand. Then got a bull moose about an hour later. Both my boys were with me. It was very exciting! Brian
  8. prairiehotrodder

    4L80E tech

    i would like to stick a 4L80E into my race car hauler. Its a 78 chevy 3/4 ton with a 96 350 vortec engine and a turbo 400 trans. The truck started as a crew cab frame which i lengthened over 3 feet and put a regular cab onto. I built a 16' deck on the back as well as a 4.10 geared dually rearend...
  9. prairiehotrodder

    poor mans MSD

    For those not wanting to run an HEI or just not the HEI module , here is how to run a Ford duraspark ignition box available from any wrecker for next to nothing. I have this on a 454 chevy in a 89 mustang running 12.0 at 111 mph. I use a mallory billet distributor with just a 2 wire magnetic...
  10. prairiehotrodder

    suspension geometry

    so i recently installed a set of aftermarket (spohn) front lower control arms and i have a problem. I also installed moroso trick springs which lowered the front of my car quite a bit but i'm happy with the new height. I'm also running the cheapie speedway upper control arms. Here is the problem...
  11. prairiehotrodder

    Got the big guy!!

    heavier 5x5 whitetail but has short tines. A mature buck but it would never have been big. Got my hunting partners with me. Major excitement!
  12. prairiehotrodder

    transmission questions

    I'm kinda stuck with what to do for my blown up turbo 350. I spent around $850 to get it built with decent parts about 3 years ago. My car runs 10.90's and has run 9.8 with a 200 shot on my 489 BBC. I use 3.50 gears and i really like them. I emailed coan racing and they told me i need about...
  13. prairiehotrodder

    wagon back doors

    i have an 81 malibu wagon and both rear doors do not open from the inside. The handles do not even move. They both open fine from the outside. Is there some child safety lock or switch to allow them to open from the inside? BTW I don't have any door keys for this car so i haven't tried using...
  14. prairiehotrodder

    wilwood or strange??

    front brakes : for a street / strip car that weighs 3200 lbs with driver. Wilwood or strange? What should i get? I know that strange says "for raceing only" but i'm sure lots of guys run them on the street? Why would they say that ? I won't be autcrossing or anything. brian
  15. prairiehotrodder

    torque convertor question

    I have been told by a couple people that my car is "driving through the convertor". I don't know what this means. My rpm doesn't go excessively high, Any idea's? brian
  16. prairiehotrodder

    slip, slide and glide

    I'm thinking about eventually sticking a glide in my malibu. Is an aftermarket case worth it? this is what i'm looking at. does the sfi case expire? brian
  17. prairiehotrodder

    summit wheels

    I'm looking into wheels for my malibu when I get it mini tubbed. Has anyone used the cheap summit aluminum wheels? They are like $134 and come in any size. I thought that if i was going to drill them and put slicks on them i would want cheaper wheels. I will probably run high 9's so strength is...
  18. prairiehotrodder

    nitrous help

    i don't think I'm gaining the power i should from my nitrous system. i'm running a nitrousworks kit that goes up to 200 hp but i switched to a NOS cheater plate because i damaged the threads on my NW plate. Since i'm running the cheater plate put in the supplied 180hp jets. On a full pass i went...
  19. prairiehotrodder

    chassis tuning ???

    I think i have a problem with my cars 60 ft and launch. On the motor i've run a 1.56 60 ft. and with a 180 hp nos shot i've run 1.63 activating the juice right off the launch. Both times i felt like i was hooking and the n2o was coming on hard. my 1/8 mile N/A was 6.9 and on the bottle it was...
  20. prairiehotrodder

    how to hook on the street?

    I raced a friend last night with a 75 camaro and basically the same motor as me (489, solid roller, good heads) He has 4.10 gears and a glide with a 4000 stall. I have 3.50 gears with a turbo 350 and a 3000 stall. Both cars weigh the same. He had a 30 x 9 slick and i have 28 x 11.5 ET streets...