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    245/45/17 or 255/45/17

    Hello all, im looking for some tires for my 78 malibu. I just bought new 17x8 wheels with 4.5 bs. Is anyone running a 255/45/17 tire? it seems to me a little taller and a little wider. i will be lowering the back 2 inchs with some drop springs.
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    Ok im looking at the US MAG STANDARD WHEELS and i was think of 18x8 5X4.75 with a back spacing of 4.5 my question is will they fit? Thanks for the help guys.
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    what rear end do i have?

    how do you tell what rear end you have? i have a 1978 malibu 2 door came originally with a 305. i assume its a 7.5 im wanting 4.10's with a posi should i keep the rear end or do something else?
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    how to remove carpet?

    OK guys im about to buy some carpet for my 78 Malibu, what is the easiest way to remove the carpet? any tricks and hints would be helpful. And also is it hard to install new carpet? Thank for all the help guys.
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    Good afternoon, i was looking at the full door abs panel from and wanted to know if anyone on here had them inthe g body? id like to see some pics of them in a car, if you have them and how you like them? Dixie Restoration Depot BLACK&d=1717&p=1
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    Where to buy bench seats?

    Im trying to find a front bench seat for my 78 Malibu, i have bucket seats from a Corsica and don't like them. its almost impossible to find some, every one i find on ebay they wont ship. im in Fort Worth Texas, anybody know where to get some please let me know. black cloth would be great but im...
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    Want to build a 355 sbc

    Good morning, just to let you know i never built a engine and im wanting to build a 355. i was looking in a rotating assembly kit from eagle for around $800 what all do i need to get to make this work? my goal is to hit 400hp right now i have a 350 and a th350. i also have 2 carbs, a holley...
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    HEI Distributor Ticking?

    hello all, I have a 78 Malibu with a 350 and as long as i had had it the distributor had made a ticking sound. so i replaced thE cap and rotor from MSD and MSD street fire wires and new plugs and still makes the sound. My question is, is this normal? Thanks for the help.
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    Would these fit?

    Ok im new to the Malibu scen, i seen a few things saying the bolt pattern is 5x4.75 with a 4 inch back spacing. and i found some rims i like and would like to know if i could run these on all 4 corners?
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    Paint shop DFW?

    Hello all, do any of you guys now a good place in the DFW Texas area? im wanting a fairly cheap paint job but decent, know i know those two words dont go toghter but if yall know anybody let me know. Thanks for the help.
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    Dash Pad Install??

    Ok i for sure need a new dash for my 78 MALIBU, but i cant afford the $700+ for a whole new dash. and I have seen dash pads for as cheap as $100 my question is, what is a dash pad, does it replace the dash or go over it? and is it just a stick on or glue on? I know nothing about them at all...
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    Hello i have a 1978 Malibu with a 350, it was a originally a 305 car. and it sits to high for me. the front is fine for now but the back has to come down. but i dont know how low i can go with the tires I have. Id like to do it as cheap as possable. what would yall recommend...