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  1. 78elk

    Radio antenna connection question.

    Awhile back I put a new radio in the El Camino. I didn't wire it in yet. I have the radio antenna in the windshield. The connection is a large male fitting. The radio doesn't have a spot to plug it in. It has a wire that has a small male fitting for it's antenna connection. I didn't want to...
  2. 78elk

    B&M Mega Shifter console change

    I have a B&M Mega Shifter, that I would like to change the console to a lower profile. I want to keep the shifter, just get a shorter base, so I can move the seat further forward, hoping to be able to put the spare tire in the smuggler box. Does anyone know if it's possible to change the base...
  3. 78elk

    Happy New Year 2021

    Happy New Year to everyone. Have a great year building your GBody's. Have fun driving and showing them. Please be safe out there.
  4. 78elk

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone. Have a great time with your family and friends. Please be safe out there.
  5. 78elk

    Best paint for the differential cover.

    I've been having problems with the rear differential cover leaking oil. I've tried different gaskets and glue and nothing works. So I had a coupon from National Parts Depot, so I bought a new steel differential cover that needs to be painted. What is the best paint to use?
  6. 78elk

    Is there a way to strain slightly used transmission fluid?

    I bought my transmission that came out of a Cadillac that had 55,000 miles. It had been sitting awhile. When I installed it, I put new fluid and filter in it. I filled it with new Royal Purple transmission fluid. I ran it around 200 miles. The gasket was leaking so I replaced the filter, gasket...
  7. 78elk

    Transmission pan bolts tightening

    What is the proper torque level the pan bolts are to be tightened to on the pan of a 2004r transmission? Thanks for your help.
  8. 78elk

    How to check and fill oil in a 7.5 differential?

    I had a leak out of the 7.5 differential on my 78. I tightened up the bolts. How do I add and check the fluid quantity?
  9. 78elk

    2004r transmission fluid leak

    I'm having a problem with my 2004r transmission fluid leak. I got on the floor and I can't see any leak. After I drive it there's a small puddle on the floor. The bottom of the transmission has fluid film across the bottom. When I check the fluid level it's a touch over full. Anyone have a...
  10. 78elk

    What is the cooling system pressure on my 350 cu in?

    I have a 350 cu in engine from a 73 El Camino. What is the proper cooling system pressure? What pressure cap should I use?
  11. 78elk

    Which Radiator is the best Aluminum or brass-copper?

    I have 2 radiators a 2 row aluminum and a 3row brass-copper. They are identical in size height, length and width. Which one is the best one for cooling a 350 cu in engine?
  12. 78elk

    Proper way to install the new speedometer cable core.

    I've never put a new cable core in a speedometer sheath before, what's the proper way to do that? Is it best to take the sheath out of the car or leave it in?
  13. 78elk

    Best way to remove speedometer cable from speedometer?

    Is there a way to remove the speedometer cable from the speedometer without taking the dash apart?
  14. 78elk

    Happy 4th of July

    Have a great 4th of July, celebrate thinking of our freedom. Have fun and be safe.
  15. 78elk

    Speedometer cable problem

    How does a person know if the cable is connected properly? I have several connections between the speedometer and transmission.
  16. 78elk

    What is the best route to run the speedometer cable?

    What is the best route to run the speedometer cable from the speedometer to the transmission on a 78 El Camino?
  17. 78elk

    78 Buick Regal horn button replacement.

    I have a 78 Buick Regal steering column in my 78 El Camino. I have the steering wheel that I would like to make over for the El Camino. The plastic horn button is broken and won't stay in the wheel. Does anyone know where I could buy parts to make my own? If I found one with a Chevy emblem or...
  18. 78elk

    Where does the radio bolt in the dashboard?

    Where does the radio bolt into the dashboard? I know it has to come out of the backside of the dashboard. Does the front faceplate need to come off to get it out? Thank you for your time and help.
  19. 78elk

    What's the best metal plug to screw in an aluminum radiator?

    What's the best metal plug to screw into an aluminum radiator? I installed a Cadillac transmission cooler and want to bypass the radiator. I need plugs to fill the holes where the lines are going now.
  20. 78elk

    Transmission cooling line fittings size

    What size are the fittings for the cooling lines on a 2004r transmission? Are they the same as the TH200? I am changing from the metal lines to rubber transmission lines. Thanks for your help.