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    $300 Rear Disc Conversion for 7.5" 3-bolt

    Any updates or pics guys
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    Ls swap ???? Pleas help

    Man you guys are great thank you so much for the help I spent the day on this site and just about got all the info Needed to do my swap Thank you all
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    Father/Son '79 Malibu project has started! (Part 1)

    Phill this has been the best malibu/ g body info site/thred I have ever visited Thank you so much for all the great info on your build The farther son thred gave me a bunch of info I have been looking for all in one thred I have been reading it all day and I am now even more excited to get...
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    Ls swap ???? Pleas help

    Did you have to open it up any to fit that monster in or will it just fit
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    Ls swap ???? Pleas help

    Hey guys I'm getting ready to do a ls swap on my 80 malibu I'm sorry if this has been went over Already but I'm new to the site and love it and I'm in complete information overload So what I want to know is what oil pan and mounts will I need so I will not have to chop up My chassie and if...