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  1. Hooligans

    What front springs BBC?

    OK, I now need some advice on front springs. 83' Elco... glass hood and glass front bumper. Im looking for new front springs with about 2" of drop. Still needs to be streetable
  2. Hooligans

    Need some 9" info

    Ok, after not finding a 9 inch in any local yards that I was interested in I started to do some digging around to see what I could find. I have a new 9" housing on its way that is 53" bearing flange to bearing flange, new style big Ford housing ends 3.15 OD bearings, and 3/8's axle retainer...
  3. Hooligans

    Listed for circle track, would it work for street use? Is it even worth looking at?
  4. Hooligans

    Need some 9" junk yard info....

    So after finding that the 12 bolt truck axle was not the way to go... Im heading to the yard to find a 9". Now before anyone says it... yes I know it is probably easier and cheaper in the long run to get a pre fabbed rear but Im stubborn and like doing the work myself. Now, I know there are...
  5. Hooligans

    12 Bolt swap questions

    First off is it worth it? I have a 83' El Camino that is getting a BBC swap. I towed the truck home and then started to think...... would this rear axle be worth it. The rear axle is a 70's 12 bolt. I know that the truck 12 bolt has a smaller pinion then the car, and that all mounts would need...
  6. Hooligans

    327 Build Questions

    I am going to finally build a motor for my 83' Elco. Now I know its not everyones first choice but I have had this block since my father has passed so I am really not looking to build anything else. 65' small journal 327... block is currently bored to .040 over so she will be bumped to .060. I...
  7. Hooligans

    Quite a few wiring questions

    Long story short.... I bought a 83' Elco about 3 months ago and have been daily driving it since. Previous owner threw a Edelbrock 1406 on the stock manifold and it has never ran just quite right. I decided today that I was going to swap out the intake and see if I could get her running better...
  8. Hooligans

    Briar Brown interior?

    Does anyone know where I could find GM Briar Brown dye for my interior?
  9. Hooligans

    Pro Charger VS Vortech

    Ok, I am looking for some info on this. I am looking into the entry level supercharger systems but I would like to know the pros and cons. This is what I'm looking at - ProCharger P-1SC - self lubricating, 6061 billet brackets, 8 rib belt, capable of supporting 925 hp, 4.10:1 overdrive ratio...