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    5 speed options

    Got the car back together and driving, now with 3.42s, before 3.08s. Right now it's fine, but eventually I'd like to be able to take the car on the highway and not be screaming Rs. I wanted to go with the TKO600, but right now $2k is out of the question. Heard from different people that a T-5...
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    Early Bronco 9"

    I was under the assumption that an early Bronco rear, 66-77, 58" WMS-WMS, other than welding the mounts on was pretty much a bolt in deal. I ran across an old friend that has built many, many, many cars, knows his sh*t, forgot more than most will ever know. I told him that I'm looking for a...
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    Code 29 Dark Blue Poly anyone??

    This is the original color for my 79. Sometime in the 80s the car was repainted, now it has a green tint to it. I really like the way the color changes in different shades of light. Went to an auto paint store, they couldn't tell me what color it is, but had a scanner that can get the closed...
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    Steering columns

    Does anyone know if a 70s Camaro steering column will work in a Malibu?? My 79 is a 4-speed, but has an auto column in it now. I'd like to get at least a floor shift, finding a stick column is like finding hen's teeth. There is a Camaro in a local yard, column is barely bolted in, like to get it...
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    Radiator for a big block

    Motor is done, waiting on time to get it in. But after looking at the current 2 core rad that is in the car now, ain't gonna cut it. Summit has Griffin Pro Series that has aluminum ones with inch or 1 1/2" tubes for less than $200. Want an aluminum to take some weight off the front of the car...
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    Bucket seat material

    I called a local upholstery shop to see how much to get the front buckets recovered. They told me $2500. No f'n way am I paying that much to get the seats redone. Going with vinyl, foam is still good, just need the material itself. I looked around and could only find for bench, or in cloth.
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    9" mounts

    Does anybody sell new mounts to weld onto a 9"?? I'm picking up a early bronco 9" and don't want to cut the mounts off the current axle, nor go to a yard, find a rear, pull it, try to cut the mounts off without buggering them up...
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    TKO-600 input needed before purchase

    I'm trying to sell stuff so I can get this transmission to replace the 4-speed in it now. For what I'll be doing with the car, it will be overkill, but would rather have that then trying to baby it so it won't break. I plan on putting in a mild 454, should be around 400 horse and 500 ft/lb of torque...
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    Pics with 295s on 8" rally's???

    Wanna go with a fat tire out back, but don't want to notch, mini tub or roll the lip. Car is clean, don't want to cut it up. Not gonna be lowered either. Love the way these cars look with the vette rally's, gonna go with the chrome then paint the inside silver so don't have to worry bout the...
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    Factory sunroof parts

    I've been looking thru the links trying to find parts for a sunroof on a 79. I can't find anything. Anybody know if there is even parts available?? It's a factory power sliding sunroof...
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    what front spings for an iron big block?

    So what spring do you use with an iron headed big block?? My old 78 had alum heads with the stock springs and road great. When I first built the motor with iron heads, front settled/lowered a lot, and road like a boat going down the road. This build will have iron heads, but alum intake and...
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    It's been a long time, but I'm back!!!!!

    I had a 78 Malibu with an alum headed 468 (hence the s/n) but didn't have the time, money, knowledge or tools to finish/tune it right. I sold the rolling chassis, then later sold the motor. I built a couple trucks, parting one out now, and was looking for another Malibu. I found a 79 close to...