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    power steering pump & box

    anyone know what year the steering pump and box went metric? when i did my bigblock swap i used the power steering pump and bracket out of a 70 chevelle, I had to custom make lines to go from metric steering box to american pump. want to put in the american box, I think I read 1979 was the last...
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    4speed swap with a 454

    yes i am lazy lazy lazy lol to do a search, have an 84 elcamino with a 454, looking to swap to a 4speed, what is so unique about the bell housings for a gbody, and what exactly do I need now that its for a bigblock and and 11" clutch and 168 tooth flywheel part #s if possible thanx
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    stall converter info

    hey guys i just swapped a 496 and a turbo 400 with a 2500 stall converter in my elcamino. i need to to swap gears in the rear to finish up this car. am i correct in thinking that i have to select a gear that will be turning at least 2500 rpm at my desired highway speed or else the converter...