1. slpfeife9651

    New cross member exhaust hanger?

    I took out my stock cross member and will be replacing it with the G-Force one. There was an "arm" attached under the mount that stuck out. I was under the impression it was an exhaust hanger. When I put the new one in, do I put this back in as well? The transmission is a TH350, and I will be...
  2. slpfeife9651

    Throttle Cable/ transmission kickdown bracket

    I swapped my original 305 for a 350 and put a Edelbrock 650 cfm carburetor w/ electric choke on the new engine. The bracket that was on there previously doesn't match up with the new one. There are two holes the matched up to the carb mounting bolts on the back, but don't line up with the new...