Is there a way to strain slightly used transmission fluid?


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Mar 6, 2014
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I bought my transmission that came out of a Cadillac that had 55,000 miles. It had been sitting awhile. When I installed it, I put new fluid and filter in it. I filled it with new Royal Purple transmission fluid. I ran it around 200 miles. The gasket was leaking so I replaced the filter, gasket, and fluid. I kept the fluid I drained out. Is there a way to strain this fluid, I drained out, to use it?


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Jan 10, 2008
if it doesn't have lumps, chunks, shiny metal, or anything else that might contaminate, then feed it back in through a funnel......if you're paranoid get yourself a paint strainer or something like that and pour through that.....make sure the engine is running for most of the pour or it will appear you have overfilled on the dipstick.... Gear

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