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Vinyl top 4dr Bu 1980

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Vinyl top 4dr Bu 1980

Post by Oldsminator » Wed Oct 10, 2012 3:45 pm

Hi guys,

Besides my own 79 Coupe, I have 80 4dr Malibu that my wife drives kinda as a near daily.
I started to see some rust spots around front and back glass and took them out.
There is the usual rust for an Humid European Malibu but nothing I cant handle.
I can cut, grind, weld, sand and paint myself.
Now I will have 2 choices, paint the roof and 2 rear quarter panels or turn the car into a vinyl top.
I don't want to spend to much on this one since it's just our daily.
Now I am curious, I have 3M vinyl trim spraycans.
I suppose I took a good start here?
But my biggest question, is there any place where I can buy the top ready to mount?
I mean, there's plenty local place here who sell the material, but something original would be nicer.
Any ideas guys?
Greets and thanks.
Belgian by birth, American by the grace off God.
79 Malibu coupe.


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