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Jegs Brand rebuilt TH350 very nice!

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Jegs Brand rebuilt TH350 very nice!

Post by Chevy79bu » Thu May 17, 2012 2:48 pm

I just wanted to let some of the budget guys like myself hear about my review of the JEGS brand rebuilt trans...I just bought a JEGS TH350 for about $800 bucks it is a blueprinted totaly rebuilt trans by unknown shop. has full manual valve body no trans brake. I am just so impressed with the smoothness and crispness of this trans I wanted to share with everyone the grate deal it is. So far I have only put about 500-600 miles on it but it shifts like a dream and is very snappy and im not at all easy on my equipment as this trans has already seen the track twice and been behind a motor being sprayed 5 passes. This is a total win for anyone interested in a cheap rebuilt trans.
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