New Huntsville Dragway Pics
Pictures taken 3/2001


Launch Pic

Another Launch Pic

Another angle

Yet another....

Friendly chat in staging lanes
(me in red sweatshirt)

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Best 1/8 mile with N2O.
6.736@102.95 MPH

Best Motor-only 1/8 mile pass.
7.303@94.03 MPH


Best 1/4 mile (no nitrous) timeslip to date. 
Last year with flat tappet cam.





Older Huntsville Dragway Pics

Here's the ole' Malibu in the pits right before the action.  Nothing new but the Chevy Racing tag on the front.   Whoopeee!  Click to see 640x480. Since Brian won't update his webpage either, I thought I'd put an updated picture of his 351W Mustang on here.  Brian ran a best of 7.93 in the 1/8 mile during the 2001 year.  Click to see 640x480.
Here's me doing a burnout.  The night pictures aren't that great, my digital camera doesn't take very good pictures in the dark.   Click to see 640x480. Again, not very good quality.  You can see one tire off the ground.  Did it pull both?  You be the judge, I can't tell by the picture.  I did notice that night that I could feel the car "land" on takeoff, where I haven't been feeling that before.....  I need to get a good picture of it launching on the spray now.  Click to see 640x480.

This is me staged and ready to go at Huntsville Dragway. This was at the '98 Hot Rod Power Festival. I ran in the EZ Street class. If you know anything about that class, you'd know that I was VERY outclassed!! But, I qualified 10th out of 12 cars. And I had a BLAST! I was parked next to Dave Henniger and Kurt Urban in the pits, cool! Here I am sitting in the car while my buddy Mark pushes me in the staging lanes, trying to keep the engine cool. It was VERY hot on that day. Click on both pictures to see a 640X480 version.

Here I am warming up the 28X10.5 Mickey's. Oh yeah, don't look too close at those UGLY Corvette Rally wheels I used to mount my slicks on. Click on picture to see 640X480 version. This one is me launching during a practice run at good 'ole Huntsville Dragway. Click on picture to see 640X480 version.


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