40/60 Split Bench Seat VS. Buckets


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Jan 3, 2013
Ocala Florida
My 1988 Monte Carlo has the 40/60 split bench seats and I am looking to convert to buckets with a console. My current seats are really nice and I have a console ready to go. My question is can I use another drivers side seat as a passengers seat or are they too wide to make fit this way? Has anyone done this or does anyone know what factory cars used the same seats so I can keep the look correct? I am not interested in s10 or camaro or cavilear seats as many use since I think they look out of place.


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Jul 6, 2003
Socialist NY
measure the driver's seat width. then subtract that from the passenger seat width to see how much space between them will be.

Using the pass side floor brackets on the other drivers side seat should keep it the same distance from the pass side door

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