Brake Rod Backing out of Master Cylinder


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Dec 1, 2013
Hey Guys,

I took the car to test on Sunday and when I left the starting line the brake pedal pushrod backed out of the master cylinder. It did not come out completely to where the brake pedal was up in the dash but enough to where it is definitely not right and not sure if I just need a longer pushrod? It is a Strange engineering master cylinder kit (Jegs part number 873-B3360).

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


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Apr 19, 2004
Holy cow that is terrifying!!!! Glad you're alright!!!! I'm no expert but do you have any sort of retainer around the push rod? I know sometimes the pedal will return faster than the piston and if there is no retainer it can drop out.


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Jan 16, 2008
Yea I'd have to 2nd mc1984ss, most all of the standard non power brake master cylinders I've ever fiddled around with over the years had a push rod with a sort of compression snap clip ring the locked into the push rod hole in the piston on the back of the master cylinder and to remove them to say replace the master cylinder you have to get pretty physical with them, now for a Race Car I've seen the aftermarket brake push rod "kits" but am not that familiar with them as to whether or not they have said retainer, you also have to be careful of your push rod length as too long of a rod will keep a slight pressure on the master cylinder piston and not let it release completely and make your brakes drag, I would say you could adjust the length of the rod to where your brake pedal is out almost touching the extension stop and as long as you have a little play in it you should be OK, if your master cylinder piston moves more than a quarter inch when you apply the brakes you have another problem as if I remember correctly the push rod well in the piston should be an inch or so deep and if you have everything adjusted correctly the push rod should never be able to come out of the master cylinder, you didn't include any pics of the offending push rod so I don't know what you have there but I'd definitely look into that situation before I took it out again, no brakes is a bad thing!! Good Luck! KillerDave

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