Chevy Malibu Timing Chain/Belt Questions

Denny Marte

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Jun 7, 2024
I have 2012 Camary and do not know if I need to change the timming chain, since I bought the car from a dealer. The car has 100000 miles on it.
The dealer is asking for $300 to change the timming chain. Is it ok ?
I just search online 2008-2013 Chevy Malibu Timing Chain Kit L4 2.4L less than $70.
How do I know I need a new timing chain and is it easy toto replace a timing chain ?
I am meeting dealer tommorow for the service.


MalibuRacing Junkie
Oct 21, 2007
Lederach, PA
I wish I could give you a definitive answer, but I can't. My Toyota experience was with a 1992 Corolla and it had a timing belt that needed to be changed every 50k.

If you are only going to pay $230 in labor for a dealer to change a timing chain, that sounds like a good deal. I am assuming you are not speaking about a used car dealer, but a new car dealer with factory trained mechanics. Gear

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