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Jul 2, 2012
Sweden, Gothenburg
Hey guys, don't know if this goes into the right forum, but here it goes!

I have a new 383 Engine shipping my way and a ford 9'' rear end coming my way soon, since this is mostly new I want to change my radiator cooling system too! I have stock fan shroud and radiator, at the moment I'm a couple of Days off for my car and its hard for me to take measurements and what not.

What would be a good looking and good working radiator + fan be? and price for this?

The Engine I'm going to order is a 383 with around 470hp so I guess I would need a better radiator?
Do anyone know a good radiator + fan setup? What measurements can I work with?
Nothing too expensive now,

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Jul 4, 2013
plummer idaho
I've used the Summit fan- shroud- radiator combo for 5 years now. Part # SUM-csum3802 $414.13 for everything including a cap and thermostatic control. Not a bad price for the whole package. Never had any issues with any of it. Very minor fab is needed.