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Oct 3, 2005
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OK, so I was wondering who on here installed cruise control on their g bodies when they did the swap. I'm not wiring guru type, but am trying to get a general idea of what I'll have to do on the computer ect to make it all work. I copied these two diagrams but really, again, wiring isn't my specialty...anybody can help me out? I've got the lq9 otu of the 02 escalade

from ls1tech:
I have decided that since no one has made a post with all the needed info I would give it a shot.

**Please note ** Some of this information is from other members so if it's missing things or you know of things I missed let me know. I am also a VERY bad speller so.... sorry in advance.

** I will be using 1999 F-body schematics and directly removed information from GM repair manuals so as I need to stress these are from GM and I claim no rights to these ....**

1) I personally used a 1999-up F-body cruise control module. I have a 98 ls1 setup and the 99 uses the same throttle body so the 99 cable worked perfectly!
If I had a 2000 f-body setup I would have needed the 2000-up cable however the cruise control module is the same.

2) from what I have been told the 4.3 s-10 module will work as well. I have not tried this but I don't see why it would not if the cable fits the ls1 throttle linkage and is correctly spaced for tention on the cruise cable. this should hold true for any of the later GM cruise control modules and cables. But be careful! many of the cables connect to the cruise control module in a differant fashion (3 seperate ways that I can think of from the top of my head) making it hard to just swap cables around. some of the truck 4.3 ones look like they attach just like the ls1 f-body cable so... this may work???

now lets get to the wiring!!

as you may have guessed by now all of the GM cruise modules of the later desighs look to have been wired up the same. (I have looked at alot and this seems like a standard however you will need to double check to make sure befor cooking I mean hooking up your module )

so here we go,

Pin. Use

A ........ Cruise "ON/OFF" input from switch
B ........ Set/Coast input from switch
C ........ Resume/Accel input from switch
D ........ Normally Hot 12v from brake/clutch switch
E ........ Ground
F ........ Hot in run 12v
G ........ Normally 0v brake input (needs 12v from brake applied only!)
H ........ Cruise inhibit signal pcm control (needed depending on year make and model! 99-up f-body needs this to work unless you use a differant year cruise control)
J ......... Cruise engaged status to pcm (not needed!)
K ........ VSS from pcm/feed to cluster

right from the service manual.......

"Battery voltage is applied to terminal F of the cruise control module when the ignition switch is in the RUN position. When the slider switch is moved to the ON position, battery voltage is applied to terminal A of the cruise control module. The cruise control module needs to receive brake input voltage at one of the following terminals once each ignition cycle before allowing cruise to operate:
Terminal D
Terminal G
The brake input voltage is received at the cruise control module through the following components:

The A/C CRUISE Fuse 12
The cruise control release brake switch
The cruise control clutch switch on vehicles equipped with a manual transmission
The voltage to the cruise control module terminal D is interrupted if either of the above switches is open. Terminal G must see a ground path through the CHMSL bulb in order for the cruise to operate properly. If the brake pedal is depressed, battery voltage is present at the module terminal G. When the slider switch is moved to the RESUME/ACCEL position, battery voltage is applied to terminal C of the module. With the set switch depressed, battery voltage is present at cruise module terminal B. Cruise module connector terminal K is the speed signal terminal. During operation the voltage will oscillate between the following levels:

A high of 4 to 5 volts
A low of near ground
The cruise module ground is at module terminal E."

also would like to note that a stalk switch from the 80s-up GM cars and trucks should work. they need to be normally open type.


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