Eaton posi springs?


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Feb 7, 2005
Philly Area
Was out at Atco today running my buddie's 9 second turbo blow-thru Mali. We turned up the wick just a bit (more boost), it dead-hooked and pulled the front wheels about 4-5" off the ground and would probably have pulled them up even more except..... crunch!

Thought initially it snapped an axle, but no. It shattered the spider gears out of the Eaton posi (12 bolt GM rear). Such is racing.

Spider gears I got laying around. BUT.... the shattered remains of the spiders took out several of the Eaton's posi pre-load springs. Mangled a couple of them pretty bad. These springs I don't got.

Anybody sell these things for reasonable money? I just need a set of springs.

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