Floor pans install pics anyone??


MalibuRacing Junkie
Jul 10, 2003
N.E. Ohio
Just as the title says... anybody have pics of when they did there floor pans??? how they welded...Butt weld or lap welds?? did you remove the center seat mount piece and then reinstall or just bend it up???


MalibuRacing Junkie
Jul 10, 2003
N.E. Ohio
Thanks for the link Betcha.

But does anyone have any experience doing this on a g-body??? Pics?

I'm about to dive into this soon on the el camino.


Just started mine will try and post some pics in the next day or two , yes had to cut center brace . lap jiont about a third of the way down on the drivers side of trans tunnel (best place to hide it ????) tried to use as many of the factory seams as possible . A 29.00 pneumatic flange gun from wholesale tools does wonders and a handfull of clecos (removable air craft / sheet metal rivets ) to temp panet in with and will more than likely tig/spot weld in but may use my mig

O. D. Showtime

Top Fueler
Nov 23, 2003
Regina SK Canada
When I did my son's 81 a few years ago I did much the same as ROOSTER007 lap welds but I got luckly and didn't have to mess with bracing, when I do the 79, if I do the 79 I got a complete floor pan from a Cutlass and was going to use the factory seams wherever I could.


May 18, 2008
its not a hard job but its time consuming. just did pass side full pan in78 bu last winter that were doing for my daughter. bought the panel out of mich. have to look for co. name. it matches lots of factory seems, some i used some not. did about 1 inch over lap mig welded solid inside and spot weld under side. use seam sealer on all welds moisture is your enimie. just be patient fitting it it makes all the diff.seat mount i took loose and notched on top of hump to allow it to raise just enough welded notch back when done. done this type of work for 35 years and again be patient fitting it and you will be fine.


MalibuRacing Junkie
Jul 10, 2003
N.E. Ohio
Thanks for all the advice. I gave up on finding them from donor cars and bought full LH and RH pans.


MalibuRacing Junkie
Jul 10, 2003
N.E. Ohio
Hey Tom it was Northcoast Musclecar, they are local to me. Saleslady Becky was great help and can get just about anything for G-bodys. http://www.northcoastmusclecar.com/

P.S. the floorpans are Sherman parts
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