Interaction with Weld Racing Customer Service


Nov 19, 2012
Posting a email I just sent to Norm Young, CEO Weld Racing. Curious what you guys think, am I wrong?

Mr. Norm Young,

I just got off the phone with Josh from customer service. First off, I love Weld wheels; we have them on 2 different cars. Next I wanted to bring my situation to your attention. It is well below your scope of responsibility, but interesting none the less.

SITUATION: A little over 2 years ago I purchased a set of Weld Vector RT wheels for my wife’s racecar (we have since stopped racing). The race car was sold (1980 El Camino), but we retained the wheels for her street car (1978 Malibu). In that time Weld Racing discontinued the Vector wheel line.

I contacted Josh in CS, in an attempt to order new barrels for the wheels (correcting for back space). He informed me that this was not possible. He recommended that I purchase another new set of wheels and switch out the centers; then try to sell the wheels I just bought.

I then offered to send my wheel centers in to have a new wheel built around them. He informed me that this was also not possible.

When I asked Josh why this was not possible, His reply was “It’s been that way for 50 years”.

ENDSTATE: I can buy the wheel centers separately, but not the barrel. Nor can I build a new wheel around my centers. Customer service recommendation is that I buy new wheels and then try to sell my nearly new wheels. This doesn’t seem to make much sense for the consumer. We love our Weld Wheels, and I’m not asking for something free. I’ll pay to have the new wheels (barrels) made. I’m asking that you don’t make me spend money twice for the same thing.

Best regards,
David Cordle


Daily Driver
Jun 2, 2019
Unless they are 1 piece wheels it can be done. Send your wheels somewhere else if they wont do it. You can find shops specialise in changing barrels and refurbishing multi-piece wheels
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