Seat back adjustment on bench seat??


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Feb 7, 2005
Philly Area
This one's been bothering me for a while now. The driver's side seat back on the bench seat is tilted further forward than the passenger side. It didn't used to be like this, don't know when it changed, but it used to even with the passenger side. Not much difference- 3/4" at the most (@ top of the seat cushion), but enough that driving the car I feel like I'm sitting bolt-upright. I'm pretty tall so this actually makes it a bit difficult to wear a helmet at the strip. And no, the passenger side has not been bent back- the driver's side somehow got more upright.

I don't see any adjustment, but I also haven't started taking off any of the upholstery to look for one.

L'il help?

LS6 Tommy

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May 15, 2004
North Jersey
Is something stuck under the base of the seatback?



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Oct 21, 2007
Lederach, PA
I had the same thought. When I had a bench seat, I thought the tilt back was extreme, so I put some washers between the seat bracket and seat, in addition to the spacer that is already there.

As I am writing this, check to see that you have spacers or not, and see if moving them around will level the seat.

If it was OK at one time, something must have changed (floor bending or seat has been removed/replaced). If you had the seat out and removed the adjuster brackets, definitely look at the spacer situation. They are round and about 1/4 inch thick.

Did anyone hammer on the driver's side floor to fit a double-hump crossmember?

I am just trying to think of all possibilities, without knowing the history of the car. Gear

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