Update on "lets put a 4.3 in my Rodeo"

matty man

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Jun 1, 2003
Grove City , Ohio
I will have some pics this weekend, the block is in great shape, no taper in the bores, installed new cam bearings. It had 1 rod starting to spin a bearing, the crank was reground to 010/010, 1 rod needs recon, I am going to use the roller cam that came in the engine, a 95 GMC 1 ton van. The heads I hope are the HD heads, the HD heads have valve guides in the exhaust like the Big Block motors that can be hammered out and go through the water jackets. I found a oil pan and the plastic Vortec valve covers to go on the engine, I am in need of some parts;
The front harmonic balancer
The flex plate
A thrust plate for the camshaft & hardware
After market 4 barrel intake & edelbrock 500 cfm electric choke
I went to pick & pull and got a serpentine belt drive system off a 89 Blazer
I will fab the exhaust and have NAPA here in Columbus fab a new driveshaft and I will fab the motor mounts & transmission mount. It maybe a issue with the speed-o, cruise control and getting the A/C hooked up, that shouldn't be to bad, and see how to get the CS alternator from a Blazer to work in the Rodeo electrical system.
Not sure if I will run a normal cooling fan or dual electrical fans, what do you all think or run? This is my daughters car and I am tryin to make it last for another 3 years until they pay it off. The Isuzu engine & transmission both need 3000.00 worth of work to get to run again, I figure for 1000.00 I should be able to do this. I will use a 90 4L60 transmission with low miles, sorry about the long post, thanks for any reply's as always, matty man

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