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Sway bar experiences.

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Sway bar experiences.

Post by deadmoon » Sun Jul 22, 2012 11:14 am

In the prosess of making the malibu handle better im looking at some different sway bar kits. Ive canged the coil springs all the way and canged the bushings on the chassis to poly. The front springs are the same as the ones that came whit the wagon/diesel combo.(tried to tighten up the front a bit). Both of these things helped on the handling, but now i feel like the time has come to look at sway bars. I like to do one thing at the time to feel the difference of each mod.
There is a pretty big variation in prices on these kits and before i order one, it would be nice with some feedback on which kit people are most satisfied with. and what thickness people are running.
383,TH400,12 bolt spool w/4.10

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