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How low to go? with 8.8 rear end

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How low to go? with 8.8 rear end

Post by Digger » Tue Nov 22, 2016 12:37 pm

I have a 79 Malibu with 8.8 in it. I keep hearing and reading to make those work, drag racing, in a Malibu you have to go low. Just how low does it need to be? Have relocation kit on upper single adjustable arms and tubular arms on bottom. Trying to get car more consistent in the 60' Typically 1.59-1.62. Currently no anti roll or sway bar. Anti roll is first thing going in this winter. Car will smash the tire and bounce out. Sometimes it stays hooked and next time will spin, 1.59 up to 1.62 is what it would do last time out. 28" slicks Hoosiers, new that day, 12-14 pounds air. QA1 single shocks in rear, 5 clicks from dead soft, with 125# springs on shocks in stock location. Front with 90/10 and 5" of front end travel. Any info to be had......

Thanks :D

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