1984 El Camino and 84 Malibu


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Apr 5, 2013
I have an Equus Fuel Level Gauge. My question is, do I just tap into the pink sending unit power wire in the dash for it to work properly?


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Jul 15, 2010
Oak Forest,IL 60452
Anthony - funny I should come across this post - I just completed a full Equus 7000 series gauge install this wknd. Turned out rather well for what I expected. It is correct - you will need to connect the solid pink (not pink with black stripe) to the "S" on the gauge for the sender. Then you have to hook up a good ground to the ground side, and a 12v switched (12 volts with ignition on) to the + side of the gauge. You can get your 12v switched either from the fuse box, or tap into a 12v from the harness. Just be sure it is hot with the ign on and dead with the ignition off.

Do you know the wires needed to hook up the light in the gauge or do you need that too?