8.5 GN rear


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Mar 15, 2008
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SS_Sean said:
You need to mock up and measure. No two vehicles were ever the same. Taking someone elses specs could be reaaaally bad.

^^^Very true. I got a Denny's shaft and it had to be 1.5" longer than the one that was in there. Doesn't make any sense with what everyone is saying. Mine already had the 8.5 in it when I got it, but you never know if the shaft in your car was ever correct or if anyone has messed with it before.


im new to this but i have an idea on measuring the shaft. raise the jack up on jack stands so all four wheels are level and off the ground. the axle has to have the stand under it but you can place the front stands under the frame. measure from the rear of the output shaft of the trans and measure to the center of the u-joint of the axle. subtract one half an inch from this measurement and this it the length you need for the shaft. this is how im told to measure it and how ive seen it done. your transmission shop may want it done differently but most want it done this way!!!


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Aug 10, 2005
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Normal GN length is 51" -51 1/2" in length center to center on the joint.

AGAin as mentioned ALWAYS mock up the rear then measure as if it were sitting on all four tires. Ask the drive line shop how they want the measurement and do it their way so there will be NO mix up on that. Jim


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Nov 20, 2005
i measured mine with wheels on flat ground and measure center of u-joint circle center to center i have a yoke hangin around and slide it in to the rust line, i stuck a rectangle magnet on the center line of u-joint circle then held the end of tape measure against the magnet with my foot and ran the tape to rear . had my shaft done with new u-joints and works with N/P G/L

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