A/C Bracket Finished


Top Fueler
May 5, 2003
Here's what it looks like:


Side view:

I had to "turn" the water neck towards the front. It was angled toward where the "new" A/C compressor is located now. I had to heat it up with a torch, then install a large bar inside the waterneck and turn it toward the center of the engine. You can also see the brace I had to fabricate out of pieces I had lying around.

Here is a closeup of the rear brace I fabricated. It's not pretty, but it works....

I needed a non-grooved pulley below the compressor to clear the thermostat housing. I found this one at the junk yard. I had to use some hardened washers behind it to get the correct location:

I took a piece of wire and simulated where the serpentine belt will run. I then measured the length of the wire. It was 105.5" long. I went to the part store and got a belt 104.5" long to compensate for the tensioner. I think I should have made it one inch longer, because it is too short. I think I should have got one 106.5" long.... Anyway, I didn't get the belt installed. Back to the parts store.

Here's what the serpentine path will look like:

Also, I removed the fan shroud to prepare for an electric fan install. I need to find a spanner wrench to help remove the clutch fan assembly.

OK, that's all for now....


Amateur Racer
Nov 12, 2008
Helena, AR
that does look like a very nice setup, can't wait to see more


Weekend Racer
Nov 12, 2009
Granite City, IL
Im just starting my LS sway & I have been reading through all your updates. I have a ton of questions but I will ask them in my own thread but wonder if the bracket/Compressor you used would fit on a setup using these accessories...



New Member
Dec 5, 2011
I know this post is old, but if anyone can give me some tips on rotating the elbow for the water pump, I would appreciate it. I am doing this mod, and tried heating up the water pump at the base of the elbow, but couldn't get it to budge. How hot do you have to get it? Thanks!

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