alcohol questions help just starting out on this


Amateur Racer
Apr 11, 2008
laurel springs nj
For you guys running Alcohol what changes did you make besides carb?
race fuel cost is killing my pocket. running two cars on it isnt helping neither.
did you change your fuel pump Electric / mechanical. install a leanout valve. fuel presure. timing. whats a good Air Fuel Ratio number on alcohol. I have been trying to learn more about how to make a change over from race fuel to alcohol. i have done the Google search. if you have any links for the change over please post them. or your expertice on this post it. thanks john


Pro Stocker
Feb 21, 2009
La Marque, Texas
i changed my pump cuz i was running a holley blue and it wouldnt flow enough nor is it compatible with alcohol and added a leanout valve and changed the fuel hose to a larger size. other than that i didnt change anything else.


Pro Stocker
Aug 11, 2007
No changes in timing, fuel pressure, plugs. Just make sure plumbing and pump will flow enough for the added volume of alcohol. Air/fuel ratios are Lambda=14.7 for gas, 6.2 for alky. A/F at idle should be about 6.0 to 1 and at wide open throttle my target number is 5.57 to 1
5.57 to 1 is the equivalent of about 12.8 to 1 gas. Hope this helps. Lee Gear

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