All about this forum, what it is and what it is NOT.



This is a place for the higher end questions/ discussions. No matter what part of the car.
Please do not post in here anything that is being covered under another topic on the site or it will be moved. I am quite sure if you posted somewhere else on the site it was read by the same people that will come in here.
Please do not answer any posts unless you have first hand knowledge and or facts to back it up professionally.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation

Edited by Basketcase: I know many of you may want your topic to be in the Advanced Techical forum. This forum was created for a particular topic in mind. Please don't get upset if your topic gets moved from this forum to one of the other forums. We may also pull topics out of the other forums and put them in here.

As Bigtime said...we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.