Best bang for the buck front suspension?

Todd Jelle

New Member
Sep 4, 2018
Ideas, I see pros & cons for most those available ( except the best) no brainer if moneys no question.
I drive it on the street, but it will see the strip.

rear has 9" ford with south side machine lift bars ( old) hey they did get rid of the wheel hop with a 4 speed.
currenly OEM front suspension. only comp engineering shocks F&R

I want simple & dont want to break the bank, noticed the other day the rubber upper bushing on pass side is gone!!

LS6 Tommy

MalibuRacing Junkie
May 15, 2004
North Jersey
The most affordable thing you can do is replace the stock bushings with Delalum bushings. it doesn't alter the geometry, but it takes the slop out of the stock suspension.


Todd Jelle

New Member
Sep 4, 2018
Thanks. but if upgrading??
sugestions...I have looked at QA1, global west, Spohn,e any help appreciated.
I would like to upgrade with the ability to change later. Are these the only options. I want to get the consensus here without the biased you tube product push.
What is everyone running & pros & cons, what does everyone like, dislike
in advance


Pro Stocker
Dec 17, 2005
Melfort Saskatchewan Canada
i have the ultra cheap speedway upper front a-arms. They are junk. I welded a reinforcement bar across them to keep them from bending which works good but they require alot of shims to get the alignment right. DO NOT BUY THEM. I have the Spohn lowers. They seem to work good. I just ordered a set of the global west drag race uppers (TLC-88). They are not here yet but i hope they work out good and allow me to get rid of alot of the shims that these junky speedway arms require.


Dragway Regular
Apr 22, 2009
Mountville Pa
Don't overthink the front. Stock arms are fine. The idea is loose movement and sufficient travel. I went 8.80's with my 70 Chevelle with stock rubber bushings, stock control arms, and single adjustable Strange shocks up front with Moroso trick springs. 1.21 60' time.


Jul 6, 2003
Socialist NY
MOOG makes replacement A-arms, upper and lowers

I bought all 4 for around 300 shipped for my Cutlass.

They come with already installed MOOG problem solver bushings and ball joints

The uppers even come with the upgraded shaft.

Why use 40 year old rusted, pitted, cracked, looks like crap arms when you can buy brand new for less than fixing up your old ones.

They come with a nice coat of chassis black on them already too

Best of all they are Made in the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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