Defective Wilwood master cylinder?


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Jan 8, 2006
Im having a hard time figuring out if my MC is no good

I recently went to 4 wheel disc on my car and it consists of stocker front rotors wilwood front calipers

the rear is a ford 9" with explorer disc brakes it was in all working order

i deleted the stock prop valve and have an adj russel one for the rear

Now what i just did was the explorer disc swap and all was well but i had a wilwood master kickin around that was questionable so i decided what the heck try it out.

i ordered a TNT plate for it to clock it accordingly and it looks beautiful however the problem is i cant get any pedal pressure whatsoever

I started by bench bleeding the master got a ton of air out of it then i worked back from the rear passenger, drivers then the front pass and front drivers there are no leaks at all

I also had to lengthen the rod from the pedal which is in the upper hole for the manual ratio needed. I adjusted the rod so it was "zeroed" there was no preload but it was near perfect.

The only thing i can think of is that the master needs a rebuild kit and that its blowing passed the cylinder/bore when you press the pedal you can hear what sounds like air??

i took apart the master and i cant see any visual problem with the seals or the piston?

Im just wondering if i should chuck a kit in it or just buy another?

LS6 Tommy

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May 15, 2004
North Jersey
What size & type of Wilwood MC do you have? Sounds like the bore is too big or it's for a disc/drum setup...


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