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Dec 17, 2005
Melfort Saskatchewan Canada
I'm just breaking new territory with my malibu this past weekend. This winter i stepped up my motor and now i have a new problem. This past Saturday the car did a huge wheelstand that scared me and damaged a few parts on the landing. I need to know what to do to prevent that happening again. The car is an 81 malibu with stuck style suspension and a frame notch with a 15 x 10 wheel and a 29.5 x 10.5 ET drag tires on the back. I'm using a spohn ARB with Calvert single adjustable rear shocks and 90 / 10 non-adjustable front shocks. I also have the UMI rear lower control arm mounts with the control arm in one of the lower holes. I don't want to give away my good hooking but i don't want anymore big wheelies. What should i do ? The car will run low 9's at 3400 with a 555 and a glide. Are there any guy fast guys left on MR ? Thanks


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Oct 22, 2018
seems like the obvious answer would be wheelie bars but, I do not know for sure.
was at the track yesterday and seen a guy roll his car off the trailer and then attach a pair or removable wheelie bars.
you could not tell the car had them at all until they were attached, it looked perfectly clean with out them.

or.... you could just stay in the throttle and win the wheel stand contest.


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Apr 22, 2009
Mountville Pa
2 things off the bat you can do is to install adjustable travel limiters in the front end and slow the front end rise of the front shocks. A 90/10 shock is not helping the issue with having no resistance to front end rise, and most likely a decent amount of stored energy in the front spring helping throw the front end up. I used the S&W kit for the travel limiters, but really its nothing more than a long threaded rod through the upper control arm to hit the frame with a nut welded to the control arm.